Welcome to Metrik: Experts in Surveying for the Construction Market

Founded in 2013 with the aim of fostering business opportunities between construction companies in Portugal and France, Metrik focuses on creating sustainable partnerships in the medium and long term. With a diverse team of professionals specializing in engineering, architecture, estimation, project management, commerce, and marketing, the company provides comprehensive technical-practical expertise to tackle industry challenges..

Since 2014, Metrik has shifted its focus to establishing technical partnerships with companies, evolving from a mere intermediary to a specialized technical office. Our team, fluent in spoken and written French and familiar with market intricacies, is capable of supporting Portuguese companies in engineering, surveying, and estimation projects. These same skills enable us to be a direct service provider for French companies, ensuring quality and precision in line with market requirements.

The growth of the domestic market has allowed Metrik to reconnect with its origins. Since 2015, we have excelled in providing engineering and architecture services, relying on our team's experience to deliver quality services in the areas of design, production, and consultancy.

Explore Metrik and discover how we can drive the success of your project, whether on Portuguese, French, or international soil. We are here to turn challenges into opportunities and build lasting partnerships.